Jokine Tripple Beam 3D System – I 008

455,000.00 380,000.00

JOKINE I 008 is the highest light efficiency 3D Triple Beam system in India.

Compared to single beam passive 3D system, the brightness of Jokine Triple Beam I 008 will be increased more than twice. 

 Specially developed for better Light efficiency, Jokine Triple Beam I 008 has been added with specific optical components, with this max light is able to pass through the liquid crystal light valve. 

Electrical Performance

Power input:AC100-240V,50/60HZ
Power output: DC24V 2.5A
Port of SYNC Signal: GPIO (37PIN) or 3D Interface (15PIN)

Optical Performance

Light Transmittance:78%
Light Efficiency: 38%
Contrast ratio: 150:1
Polarization ratio:99.99%
Polarization mode: Circular polarization
Ghost ratio:<1.5%


Projector Requirement :

Projector Type: D Cinema 3xDLP (Christie, NEC, Barco)

Maximum Lamp Power : 32000

Lumens HFR : up to 240Hz

Projector Lens : The diameter <150mm

Projection Throw Ratio: >1.0

Dark time : 450us

Delay time: Ous


Installation Requirement:

Projection distance: >7m

Silver screen standard 2.4 minimum gain

Projection window glass: USE OPTICAL GLASS ONLY (Do not use toughened glass or polarizing glass)

Projection window: >400*300mm

Distance between projector lens and projection window: > 150mm


Working Environment:

Operating temperature : +10°C to +50°C

Storage temperature: -5°C to +50°C

Relative humidity : 20% to 80%

Weight 20 kg


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