Jokine Double Beam 3D System – I 009

465,000.00 390,000.00

JOKINEAIE 009 Double Beam 2X light 3D System, uses polarization element with high transmission and unique 2X double light technology. It provides similar brightness as dual projector, with using just one projector. It’s High light efficiency can reach up to 31% which is the highest.
JOKINEAIE 009 FILTER automatic imaqe calibration and optimization technology with image segmentation and seamless splicing realizes lowest ghost and highest image registration effectively.

Electrical Performance

Power input:AC100-240V,50/60HZ
Power output: DC24V 2.5A
Port of SYNC Signal: GPIO (37PIN) or 3D Interface (15PIN)

Optical Performance

Light Transmittance:72%
Light Efficiency: 31%
Contrast ratio: 150:1
Polarization ratio:99.99%
Polarization mode: Circular polarization
Ghost ratio:<0.90%


Projector Requirement :

Projector Type: D Cinema 3xDLP (Christie, NEC, Barco)

Maximum Lamp Power : 32000

Lumens HFR : up to 240Hz

Projector Lens : The diameter <150mm

Projection Throw Ratio: >1.0

Dark time : 450us

Delay time: Ous


Installation Requirement:

Projection distance: >7m

Silver screen standard 2.4 minimum gain

Projection window glass: USE OPTICAL GLASS ONLY (Do not use toughened glass or polarizing glass)

Projection window: >400*300mm

Distance between projector lens and projection window: > 150mm


Working Environment:

Operating temperature : +10°C to +50°C

Storage temperature: -5°C to +50°C

Relative humidity : 20% to 80%

Weight 20 kg


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