JOKINE 3D Single Beam JK 007

190,000.00 175,000.00

JOKINE Polarized 3D made with extreme care and perfection to deliver stunning theatrical Pop out and in Depth effects to its viewers with maximum transfer of brightness of the projector on screen for Jokine digital 3D cinema experience. Which works with single DLP digital cinema projector along with light and cheaper polarized passive 3D glasses, which shows perfect and vivid 3D images.

The system mainly consists of 3D control Polarized modulator system box, 3D optical Glass Polarized (which is composed of inter change liquid crystal polarizing liquid, etc). Fully automatic stand with motor and a base plate.
Once the 3D optical Glass Polarized is connected to the DCI digital 2K projector and is placed in front of the projector lens while fixing the same on stand.Now playing of a 3D movie on the silver screen,when the digital projector beam shoots on to the silver screen through the 3D optical glass the 3D control box discrete signals to control 3D optical glass window switching different polarization direction, which results in a left-hand polarization and right-hand polarization. Thus, the left and right eye pictures shoot onto the screen. While wearing polarized passive 3D glasses viewers are able to experience stunning vivid 3D motion pictures.

Newly patented technology makes JOKINE Polarized 3D System one of the world’s fastest polarization switch for 3D digital cinema. With a powered, symmetrical 50 microseconds switching time between the eyes, Polarized 3D System easily ensures brightness, low-cross talk operation even at 3D HFR (high frame rate) targets of 24 FPS, 48 FPS and 60 FPS.
When combined with a high gain silver screen, the Polarized 3D System Polarization Modulator allows your digital cinema projector to display stunning stereoscopic 3D films, view able using inexpensive passive circular polarized 3D glasses. Paired with projectors up to 30K lumens, Polarized 3D System provides a spectacular 3D experience for screens up to 80 meters wide.
To date, it has been successfully reviewed by executives from major Bollywood Theaters and Approved in its Equipment List.

Features of JOKINE Polarized 3D System:
1. High brightness, Low ghost image, High fidelity of the colour.

2. Support all DLP projector and DCI compliant digital cinema server

3. Have passed the compatibility test with all the main stream DLP projector and digital cinema server. It is assured to support all these projectors and servers.

4. Support HFR, the maximum fresh rate can reach up to 600 Hz.

5. Good mechanical design, very easy and convenient to switch between 2D and 3D since fully automatic.

6. Low consumption cost. The polarization glasses are cheaper and easy to maintain and handle.

7. Different style of 3D glasses, provide more choices for the viewer. We also Provide children glasses and modern style glasses.

8. Dual main board design, high reliability. MTBF can reach 5000 hours. The reply from the market notifies that JOKINE Polarized 3D System is the only product that provides both high performance and reliability.

9. Can be upgraded to light doubler and tripler version against additional charges payable.


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